When your voice lets you down…

I’m sat in my bedroom today, wrapped in a fluffy jumper, jogging pants and slippers – and I’m at a loss.

What I’m meant to be doing, is driving to Aldershot, for an audition for Britain Does Variety. My makeup and hair are done, my backing track is on CD, I’ve downloaded an audiobook for the journey… The only thing missing? My voice.

I’ve had a cold all week – one of those horrible ones at the back of your nose, so it sounds like you’re doing your best impression of Britney Spears when you sing any type of song. The type where you blow your nose over and over and over and over and over, and it still doesn’t feel clear. It’s been a battle to perform at all this week – and a big show yesterday, at a new venue, meant I pushed a little too hard.

My routine each morning is to get up, jump in a hot shower, wash my hair, and then dry and style it whilst I have a face mask (Loréal Glow Mask is my favourite at the moment!), and then do my makeup, before making a cup of tea, and finally uttering a single word. It was at this point I realised there was a problem; I sounded like a mouse that had just seen the biggest cat lurking in the corner of the house. Eek! I pushed through my warm up scales, with grave difficulty, before putting on my backing track to my chosen audition piece, and realising it sounded simply average. My top notes aren’t soaring as usual, they’re more screeching like said cat, and my lower notes are nasal and clogged. It’s such a disappointment. My voice has certainly let me down.

So yes, here I am, writing a blog post, instead of getting in my car for the drive. I’ve emailed the people who run the auditions, in the hope that I can rearrange for next week – but I do have bigger things to focus on, which mean protecting my voice is the most important thing right now. Fortunately, I don’t have a performance for a few days, so I can rest up, continue to take Sudafed to desperately clear this cold, and I’ve upped my Vitamin C intake too – four colds and the flu in one year?! Something isn’t right!

In the mean time, I’m listening to a lot of new tracks, and learning lyrics, ready for taking them to the studio to record my first mini EP. More news on that soon, but it’s all very exciting! Until then, take a look at my Grand Final performance from Britain Does Variety 2016:

I’ll be back, singing, soon!

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