Exciting things in the pipeline!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind weekend, that’s for sure! With so much happening at the moment, I’m revelling in the fact that today, both myself and my boyfriend, Jim, are off work. We’re catching up on emails from our Full Beam Productions business this morning (lots of booking coming in for the pantomime this December!), and then we are headed to the cinema this afternoon for a mini date! It’s been such a long time since we were both off together, for an entire day, so it’s going to be nice to spend it as a couple, as opposed to just business partners, or ships, passing in the night!

But the weekend itself has been quite something! I’ve driven the length and breadth of England, it would seem, whilst teaching and singing my heart out – and I’m just crossing my fingers now that it will be completely worth being beyond tired, and spending so much money on fuel!

On Friday night, I was packing my suitcase, plus three separate outfits into three separate bags.

The plan was such…:

Drive to Hove.

8.30 – 12.30: Babyballet

Change in car. Drive to Bexleyheath.

2.00 – 3.00: Performance

Drive to Eastbourne. Change clothing. Grab sandwich. Drive to Hastings.

7.00 – 8.00: Performance

Change in car. Drive to Warrington.

2am: Bed.

7am: Wake up. Get ready. Drive to Blackpool.

10.00 – 4.00: Performance/Compete

Change in car. Drive to Eastbourne.

10pm: Bed.

It was the longest weekend of my entire life! Topped up with the fact that we never made it to Bexleyheath, thanks to a diversion which was then diverted, and then blocked (don’t ask…), it was stressful, tiring and hard work.

But above all, it was fascinating, exciting, and FUN.

My performances were with Full Beam Productions – a musicals show, and then a show at a church for their Harvest Supper, which had a fantastic audience, who danced, sang and clapped along to each song. It was also the perfect chance to practice my competition song – which we managed to record:

This is the female version of To Where You Are by Josh Groban. A beautiful song, it holds a lot of meaning for many people, and I adore singing it. The audience reaction can be heard at the end – and you can’t see, but I received a standing ovation. It was fantastic to know that they enjoyed the song as much as I enjoy performing it – and it gave me massive confidence for my competition the next day.

So, why did I travel to Blackpool?

Last year, I auditioned in London, for Britain’s Got Talent – that famous, televised competition, starring Simon Cowell and his judge friends. I was really lucky, and got through to audition in front of them. I received four yeses, but unfortunately, wasn’t taken any further – so my audition wasn’t even shown on screen! I was disappointed, but determined to try again, and so this year, myself and my friend, Kate, drove to Blackpool for the producer auditions. Blackpool is my hometown, and a total lucky charm of mine! Just visiting, I feel instantly at home, and I knew that auditioning here would be a good omen – despite the long drive! And, with luck on our side from the minute we arrived (finding a car park space outside the door, and being part of a fast moving line for registration), I’m pleased to say that now, I wait to hear if I have been successful in making it to the judges again.

The producer auditions are tough. There is a lot of sitting around, waiting to perform – and then when it’s finally your turn, you have literally minutes to hopefully impress a person in a large room enough that they send you into the second holding room, and in front of the producers which I think are higher up, and more capable of making executive decisions. The crew are lovely, and friendly, and try to keep everyone calm, but with so much at stake, who wouldn’t be rattling with nerves.

I sang a cut version of To Where You Are, and answered lots of questions about myself, what I do, what I like etc – and made it through both rounds! It’s now a long wait to find out if I make it through – but it was a lovely day, and I had so much fun! Fingers crossed!

Thank you to Kate for coming with me!