New year, new chance!

Happy New Year!

It seems a tad late to say that now, don’t you think? But as this is the first blog post of the year for me, I thought I would throw it in there. What a whirlwind end to 2017 I had, it’s been crazy trying to keep up with everything that has been happening in my life, and unfortunately, this has meant that certain things have slipped by the way side. I certainly didn’t get to film as many videos as I would have liked of my December antics – which included a pantomime, multiple performances, and switching on the lights in Eastbourne Town Centre on their opening night – but I did enjoy every second of everything that happened. I think, in a world where we are glued to our phones and screens, perhaps I enjoyed the season much more without it constantly in my hand? Here are a few photos that I did manage to snap, of my time this festive season:

Did you spot it? No, not the cross eyed cat which is my fluffball, Cola – the ring! Yes, my wonderful other half, Jim, finally got down on one knee and proposed! Of course, the answer was yes, and we’ve already booked a wedding date! It’s very exciting, but it’s been utterly time consuming, with all the celebrations, and congratulations cards and gifts… I’ve been totally overwhelmed with the love and support of everybody!

Now, being engaged makes me seriously happy. But what it also does is make me extremely determined to make my singing a success. There is no hiding that a wedding costs a lot of money – and what better than to earn it through my performances! So, I’m upping my game this year, with lots of new songs, pushing boundaries, public performances and more. We have shows in the pipeline which I would have never even dreamed of until now, and they all include little me, belting out my classical vocals, which simply makes everything a whole heap more exciting!

I’ll be working closely with Full Beam Productions for a majority of the year, and we will be setting up regular videos through the Facebook Live page, so make sure you hop on over there to give the company a follow. But there will also be a new YouTube channel, plus photos and videos being uploaded on to here weekly, so please make sure to follow if you want to catch them!

Alongside the singing, there will be extra blogs about looking after your voice, your body and your mind, plus, wedding talk, fitness chat and generally nonsense, as I plough my way through 2018.

I wish you the best year ahead, it’s going to be amazing for us all, I can feel it!

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