So many projects…

This year, 2019, must be the most exciting year of my entire life. And, it’s the most exciting time in my entire career – in fact, I don’t remember being this excited since I was offered my first job, touring the UK with the fabulous Timeless Theatre Productions, back in 2010 (yes, my career has spanned nearly ten professional years now – and that doesn’t include the multiple things I did whilst still in training!). The problem with it being so exciting, is that it is also the most busy period of my life since who knows when – with so many projects on the go, both in business and personal life, it’s been hard to keep up with anything!

In fact, today is the first day in nearly three months that I have had chance to sit at my computer and do anything remotely related to admin work. I’ve got a list longer than my arm of things which need doing – but I must say, it’s nice to be able to sit down and think about nothing except for this blog for a little while (whilst enjoying a lovely mug of Teapigs tea, of course!).

As you may remember, I am the co-owner of Full Beam Productions – a company which was formed in 2015, initially to provide entertainers to care homes, however now, a Sussex wide business which covers every aspect of entertainment to care homes, hotels, parties, corporate events, venues, night clubs… You name it, Full Beam covers it. We have a strong team of singers and dancers, plus bands, novelty acts, actors and musicians on our books now, and we continue to grow at a pace so fast, it’s hard to catch your breath sometimes. Opportunities have come our way, which have been too good to turn away, but it has meant that other projects are put on hold. This is why, you may have noticed, that Classically Natalie has seemingly halted in it’s tracks. But don’t worry – take a look at the not one, but TWO major projects which we have ventured into in 2019, which both heavily involve myself – and read on to see how my classical business is going to grow by this time next year…

Full Beam Elite School of Dance

The first major project which has been picked up by Full Beam Productions focusses on my love of teaching. I trained at an amazing dance school, to the highest of standards, and it’s always been a dream to own my very own dance school which emulates this training. Jim, through a friend, made this a reality when he secured the space at All Saint’s Chapel, Eastbourne, for classes on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. After a long debate, we settled on the name Full Beam Elite School of Dance, and we are in the process of building the business, putting everything in place for our launch in August this year. There will be more to say about this once we get it all going, but it’s very exciting – and very time consuming, to say the least!

There are websites, logos, timetables, uniform options and various other aspects, flying round my brain at all moments of the day. It’s hard to keep up, and we have already pushed back the opening (the original date being in April) – but the reason behind this, is because of project number two…

The Dynamos!

The other project, and the one which has been my main focus for now, is The Dynamos – an ABBA girlband, celebrating the famous songs of ABBA with singing and dancing. We’re in full flow with rehearsals – in fact, I may have to leave this blog, and come back to it later, as the girls are arriving any second… It’s 2x45min sets of songs, which we are rehearsing down to perfection, and it’s the most exciting thing to be a part of. THere is nothing more fabulous then stomping around in go-go boots, and sparkly catsuits, belting our Dancing Queen on a daily basis. We’ve had rehearsals now for the past two months, and our first SOLD OUT show is on 29th March 2019 at The View Hotel, Eastbourne.


Aimee Leonard, Melodie Gibson and Natalie Bradshaw are The Dynamos!

Just look at our fabulous gold boots! What more could you want?! The aim is that the group will perform at various venues across the UK this year, and enter a showcase in September 2019, with the hopes that it is picked up by one of the leading cruise ship agencies – we’d love to take it to the open waters!

Of course, I won’t be a part of The Dynamos forever – especially if I become too involved with Full Beam Elite, as I won’t be able to go away for large amounts of time. But for now, it’s a great project to have created, and the girls are fabulous. Robyn, Nicole, Lauren, Aimee and Melodie will all team together to perform the shows on a rotation once I take a back seat, but it will always be nice to know that my gold boots are in storage, waiting for a revival!

We’re getting married!

Of course, mixed in with this hectic time at Full Beam Productions, we have the slightly big project of getting married. Jim asked my just under 18 months ago, and of course I said yes, and we got to planning immediately. Our date is 29th June 2019, and I am beyond excited! The closer we get to hen parties, stag dos, spa days, facials, dress fittings, hair and makeup trials and more, the more giddy I get. We’re pretty much prepared now, but it’s important that we try to find time to fit in organising this as well. Told you life was mad right now, didn’t I?

Classically Natalie – what’s next?

As I mentioned, it does appear that Classically Natalie has taken a slight backseat in all of this that has been going on. There aren’t enough hours in the day to cover everything, and by the time I’m done with rehearsing, there’s just enough energy left to eat a quick dinner and brush my teeth before bed. I’ve completely adapted my routine – I now shower before bed, so that I can squeeze in an extra twenty minutes sleeps each morning before I have to get up to travel to Hove for babyballet teaching. Jim has stepped up as chef and admin – he cooks food for the miniscule gaps which I have in my timetable, and spends a lot of time sending invoices, emails and answering phone calls, which used to be my job. But sadly, I couldn’t adapt everything, and my classical singing did take the biggest hit.

I was so run down at the end of 2018 with a cold and flu, and lost my voice more times than I can count. It meant that a lot of big auditions which I would normally go for (Britain’s Got Talent, for example) were cancelled. I didn’t sing for the whole of January in a vain attempt to recover, only to sing once and lose my voice all over again when I tried. It’s been a struggle to get back to where I used to be, and I still feel a little weak in that area right now.

But that doesn’t mean that it won’t get better. From April, I’ve got a little bit more time, and can relax slightly more. I’m going to be making sure I get enough sleep, and start doing my vocal exercises to get myself back to complete fitness. The gym is calling, to maintain physical fitness, and I fully intend, by the summer, to be promoting my classical performances again.

I’m going to be launching as a wedding singer in 2020, with a variety of new packages available, and I will be taking bookings by August this year for the year ahead. It’s a strong aim to be up to standard again by then! I have a series of shows booked in at care homes in May, to help the process, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Keeping on top of everything…

At the start of this year, I bought myself a brilliant diary from The Girl Means Business, with the aim that I was going to dedicate most of the year to getting our marketing (and my blogging…) on track. It’s a bright and vibrant planner, with the cutest design, that made me feel so motivated to keep it neat, filled in and up to date! There is even online help, a Facebook group to be a part of, with lots of fantastic advice, and videos which you can watch to progress even further. Claire Mitchell, who owns The Girl Means Business, is so supportive, and I would highly recommend the planner system to anybody. It’s half price at the moment, so why not take a look?


The planner is going to become my crutch – I’m going to treat it like a bible, as I revert back to a more relaxed routine after 29th March. I’ve already filled out the pages today, with various tasks and jobs to do in the next few months, and already I feel calmer and more organised. I’ve even added in stickers, to remind me to blog!

Wish me luck!

So, my readers, I’m sorry my website looks a bit barren. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in FOREVER, and that everything is out of date and seemingly very sorry for itself. But I promise, I’m back on the up, and on the home stretch towards being a little bit more like my normal self, and I haven’t forgotten Classically Natalie. In fact, it’s like a little revamp, which can only be a good thing.

See you soon x

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